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  1. Thank you on tonight’s match, and fingers crossed! I posted a lot of footballer profiles and some of them especially the pre WW1 ones were pretty emotional. Their stories should not be forgotten in my opinion.

    Many thanks once again for your comment 😊

  2. Good luck for the match tonight. My friend, also now a retired nurse, is a massive Nottingham Forest supporter. Travels to watch them too. Not sure if he is going tonight. Has a great sense of humour which is currently being sorely challenged football wise. It’s not strange how a passion can have an affect on emotional well being when it’s all topsy-turvy and the wrong way up. I’d love to say I’ve read all the footballers’ histories here. But……..so very many. And just got Prime and hooked on The Rings of Power. Will take time to dip in and read them bit by bit as soon as. I read about Ronnie Rees (Cov City) the other day. Sad outcomes in older age now. It’s interesting to see how footballers past achieve, the teams/clubs they’ve played with and what type of life they have had. All the best.

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