4 thoughts on “2004-05 Paraguay

  1. The ‘wacky’ are the ones found in charity shops usually. Iconic and strangely designed. The psychedelic ones are the result of trying to hypnotise the other team because you’re playing at an away disadvantage. All the best. 😉

  2. I’m slightly fascinated by football kits, generally they just seem to be subtle variations on a club or national theme, other times especially the away kits they can move into the Psychedelic and wacky.

    Many thanks again for your comment 😊

  3. How often do I really study a football kit nowadays? Know every little bit of it? I don’t buy a shirt, so actually never really study it. As a kid, it was simply being dressed up in basic Sky Blue with no adverts and paraphernalia on it. Life was so much simpler. All you needed to do was count the rings of dark blue around cuffs and collar. Nice artwork which gets you really focussed on the contents of the shirt. Cheers.

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