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  1. Photographers that take photos of stark minimalism pull you in with something not many consider. Tone difference and angles. Tones separate zones. Angles lead the eyes into and then around the image. A journey so to speak. I take only black and white film. I have to have those considerations or the result becomes uniform and uninteresting. You’ve done exactly the right thing with your tones and angles considerations here, but in colour. Great technique. All the best.

      1. Cheers Stuart. I only use film. With a Pentax LX SLR. Used to have a darkroom. It’s good to see how you frame the scene. You can catch simple scenery if you choose wisely. Which you do. Lots of people taking a photograph imagine the camera will capture what they are looking at wholly. Cameras don’t do what your eyes can. Talking about a general scenic view here. So when you angle (the fields lines) frame (get in that distant interest) identify a good foreground separation (your triangle of darker grass) and use appropriately close but subtle colour inclusion or vividly different contrast/tone (the subtle differences here) it wisely brings interest to the photo. Atmosphere catches of drab, still, claustrophobic bleakness or a scene that is alive with weather impact are nice to capture too. Got to wrap up though! Freezing cold presently here in Wales. All the best.

      2. I must admit I’m a bit of a point and shooter but I like the images as a memory which I think is the main reason I take them! Many thanks though for your thoughtful comments and I will definitely bare them in mind to see what I can do! 😊

      3. Doesn’t matter if you point and shoot. It is what is inherent in your abilities to catch a decent photograph. Albeit subconsciously. My daughter catches that one little moment in time with her photographs of people. Picture stories and facial emotions that are little gem moments. She just has instinct for that one perfect catch. Difficult to explain, but if you let it all happen in a relaxed way, you can just develop the skill naturally. I’m no great photographer at all. Just like you, I point and shoot. But I kind of know/knew when I did take specific ones that they were going to be decent ones. Cheers.

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