Days when the glass fizzy pop bottle

was borrowed not owned

days when grandpa

played cribbage at the bar

Days long gone

a distant glorious star

4 thoughts on “Cribbage

  1. Alpine. Name of the drinks company. Fave? Bottles of Dandelion and Burdock. Delivered off the back of a lorry. Grandad? When we visited? Regular as clockwork. Swept our sandwich breadcrumbs off the kitchen table with his right hand and caught them in his left hand. Gently. Slowly. Making a long concerted effort. Looked at us. Dropped them on to the floor. Laughed and winked at us. Priceless. Great poetry and visuals again. Cheers.

    1. They are great memories. My sister and I lived with our grandparents for a while. Dandelion and Burdock was the Friday night treat and then we took the bottle back the next day to get the deposit back.

      Priceless memories as you say! 😊

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