8 thoughts on “A White Night

  1. Does make sense. Also. If a new interest forms and introduces itself to your life, at the drop of a hat, then write about it. It’ll help make sense of it, builds enthusiasm and it also brings in others too with similar ideals. Good practice to write for yourself.

  2. Thank you! and I think we are all our own worst critic but also agree whatever we produce on our blogs should be for us first. I now post just what I like and of interest to me. If others like too that’s just an added benefit. I think makes sense! 😊

  3. Influence is a strange one. Rhythm of poetry is far different than writing lyrics. Holding a guitar demands a certain response with words. Poetry can be of many forms. I find the Djembe playing to be easier to play when saying a repetitive Mantra for example. Couldn’t beat out a poem. I was speaking to the son of Philip Gross about how his Dad does performance style poetry. When I read his out loud it does work. If you know the dynamics of your own style too, you bring in emphasis then quiet. Also, to narrate your own work brings an easier understanding to the listener. Emotions can be brought in. I read the whole Cloud Atlas novel complete middle section out loud when reading the book. It made a whole lot of sense. Reading it without accompanying speech was puzzling. It’s good you feel comfortable with your poems. They are great to read. Your poems are yours alone and what matters is that you write for yourself and not others. They then show true spirit. I am my own worst critic with anything I produce. Maybe we all have elements of humbleness and humility regarding what we produce inside of us. All the best.

  4. I think they are truly amazing, all seem to resonate in some way or another. Also my style of poetry rhymes in a similar form but nowhere near as accomplished but makes me feel at home…..😊

  5. I agree, and also what amazes me is even though they are written a thousand plus years ago they give a real sense of the poet and many equally apply today. 😊

  6. The poems are short and yet are superbly able to capture description of a broad nature. Telling a story within the images described is really clever. Getting to be a fan. Much more satisfying than Haiku. Although I do like that form of verse too. All the best.

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