Jock Caldwell

Jock Caldwell

One of the great successes of Albion’s earliest days, Jock Caldwell a robust defender with a prodigious kick who became the club’s first penalty expert, thirteen of his fifteen goals came from the spot (or line, as it was until 1902).

The Ayrshire-born full-back began his professional career with Hibernian before coming south to join Woolwich Arsenal in August 1894. After 59 Second Division games in two seasons at Plumstead he returned to Scotland for a short spell with Third Lanark, but rejoined Arsenal in December 1896, adding another 35 Second Division appearances to his total.

With his reputation growing, Jock also represented the ‘Professionals of the South’ in a 2-0 defeat in March 1897 at the hands of a London F.A. XI at the Leyton Cricket Ground.

In May 1898, Jock was one of the first players to be recruited by the newly formed Brighton United and played in 45 of the ill-fated club’s 49 competitive matches in its initial season, but then returned to Scotland again to play for the Ayrshire junior side Galton.

In 1901 the 26-year-old was tempted back to Hove to join the Albion on its formation, and became an essential member of the team until May 1904. During the 1902-03 promotion campaign Jock was the club captain, but his last season at the Goldstone, 1904-05, was spent entirely in the reserves.

Jock played 65 matches for the Seagulls between 1901 and 1905 scoring 15 goals.

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