Neil Martin

Neil Martin Brighton & Hove Albion
Neil Martin

Neil Martin born on 20 October 1940, scored 100 league goals in both Scotland and England and won three full international caps for Scotland in the 1960s and 1970s.

Known for his strength, power, bravery and commitment, Neil scored consistently while playing for several clubs. He played for Alloa Athletic, Queen of the South, Hibernian, Sunderland, Coventry City, Nottingham Forest, Brighton & Hove Albion (1975-76, 22 appearances, 9 goals) and Crystal Palace.

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  1. You got me thinking about early years for myself and visits to Highfield Road in Coventry. More a regular occurrence over about three years with my dad and grandad. After that, live visits stopped. Maybe of financial concerns on my dad’s part. Four children an feeding the local kids that often visited our house as my parents were very much liked by my friends. That’s why subbuteo got popular in the house. So the era here was probably not visited at all. My memories are zilch at the best of times as Aphantasia stops visual recall. So names do come and go. Brilliant that you are so committed to your team and it’s history. I do read them. Good volume to take in on each one. Can’t comment at times because I don’t know or heard of the players. Especially the long ago historical ones. Fascinating to read nonetheless. Can also appreciate their importance and contributions to your team’s cause. Cheers and thanks.

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