4 thoughts on “Once Again The Winding Path Has Been Lost

  1. Yes. Satellite does pick it up. Just a glimpse of the little straight lines of loads of poles in the green field and the clearer images of wind turbines. You have to witness it. It is a great spot for a storyboard. Located? Right opposite and over the A44 road from the Liwernog lake next to the visitors centre. Cheers.

  2. On the road from Aberystwyth to Ponterwyd on the A44, just past a visitors centre called Nant yr Arian. Just over the road from Nant yr Arian is the site. I often go past it when travelling to Worcester. There are no images I can see on the internet. But I bet a Google satellite will pick it out. My promise to myself is to spend a day there with a few rolls of film. Cheers.

  3. Telegraph poles alongside roads are fantastic subjects. We have a place called Nant yr Arian where there are collective poles and wind turbines by the dozens in a field. It is some sort of electrical centre. All in one crowded area. It is a photographer’s dream place if they are into a storyboard scenario.

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