5 thoughts on “Overhead

  1. Cheers. Should be fun. Retired now, so no more long day shifts on the ward meaning missing huge parts of past international World cup runs. Hope you enjoy it all.

  2. I have my place reserved on the sofa for the World Cup! Many thanks again for your comments, which bring back memories to me too.

  3. Google images give some great self explanatory iconic images of one off gems by Terry Lee. Fantastic stuff. And until your post? Never seen it before. So huge thanks. All the best. Oh! World Cup looming too. Should be interesting happening mid season! How are are teams’ players coming back fitness wise. And the winter transfer window prices if some unlooked for players shine.

  4. I’ll take a look at Terry Lee’s art, many thanks for the pointer. I have great memories as a child of Subbuteo as well and less good ones of the crunch under a foot and then realising you have injured a player…..

  5. After your post about Subbuteo I was looking at memories. An artist called Terry Lee and his Subbuteo Art recreates iconic moments. Childhood was a great time stretching the pitch onto the carpet and trying to make it as flat as possible to show off new skills. I have my cardboard folded score sheets and teams played listed somewhere in a box. Hand painted the figures into different teams sometimes too. And Bostick was your best friend at times.

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