Sheldrake Hotching

King George V Police Coronation Medal
King George V Police Coronation Medal

Metropolitan Police 1911 Coronation Medal (“King George V Police Coronation Medal”) awarded to PC Sheldrake Hotching.

Sheldrake Hotching was born in 1886 in Snettisham, Norfolk and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1910 with warrant number 97805. He retired in 1932 through ill health, serving at that time in the Croydon Division. In 1939 he was living in Docking, Norfolk and shown on the police reserve. Sheldrake died in 1973 in Kings Lynne, Norfolk

King George V Police Coronation Medal

The Police Coronation Medal was sanctioned in 1911 as an award to policemen, members of ambulance units, firemen and Royal Parks’ staff on duty during the official celebrations of the coronation of King George V that took place during 1911.

The medal was presented in silver to all ranks. It continued the practice of awarding a special medal to police on duty during major royal celebrations that commenced with Queen Victoria’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Police Medals, and Edward VII’s Police Coronation Medal, although qualification was now widened to include bodies outside London.

Several service organisations qualified, with the name of the organisation shown on the reverse of the medal. A total of 31,822 medals were awarded:

Metropolitan Police 19,783

Scottish Police 2,800

St John Ambulance Brigade 2,755

County and Borough Police 2,565

City of London Police 1,400

London Fire Brigade 1,374

Royal Irish Constabulary 585

St Andrew’s Ambulance Corps 310

Police Ambulance Service 130

Royal Parks 120

No recipient was permitted to receive both the Police Coronation Medal and the more broadly awarded Coronation Medal 1911.

King George V Police Coronation Medal
King George V Police Coronation Medal

The medal was worn in date order with other Royal commemorative medals. These were worn before campaign medals until November 1918, after which the order of wear was changed, with such medals now worn after campaign medals and before long service awards.

King George V Police Coronation Medal
King George V Police Coronation Medal

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  1. I had a look and it looks like there may be a general medal although not yet confirmed. I don’t think though there would be a “police” medal as this seems to have been an older tradition.

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