3 thoughts on “Street Potter at Work

  1. Cheers. For once, up here in Wales, it has been sunny for about a month. When we moved up about 29 years ago it was a really long hot summer. Since then it has been up and down. So I’m taking opportunity to get some gardening in. All the best.

  2. That sounds like great fun! Glad you like the postcards etc, hope the gardening in going well albeit the weather in the UK, where I am at least, has turned a bit for the worst……😊

  3. I used to sit and make pottery at some of the craft shows I sold at. Especially the 3 day events. I never threw pots on a wheel. Mine were all hand made sculptures. Used to be really nice chatting whilst making pieces. Destroyed the illusion of my finished work though. Great postcards and illustrations. Enjoying looking at them in between the full on gardening. Cheers.

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