General Hsieh An

I anchor at the Newchew hill,

The autumn sky serene and still,

And watch the moon her crescent fill,

And vainly think on him by whom

this shore was made renowned.

Though mine is no ungraceful lay,

He cannot hear the words I say,

And I must sail at break of day…..

And all this while the maple leaves

are fluttering to the ground.

Li Po A.D. 705-762

Farewell By The River

The breeze blows the willow-scent in from

the dell,

While Phyllis with bumpers would fain

cheer us up;

Dear friends press around me to bid me


Goodbye ! and goodbye !. – and yet just

one more cup…..

I whisper, Thou’lt see this great stream

flow away

Ere I cease to love as I love thee today!

Li Po A.D. 705-762

“The Best Of Life Is But…”

What is life after all but a dream?

And why should such pother be made?

Better far to be tipsy, I deem,

And doze all day long in the shade.

When I wake and look out on the lawn,

I hear midst the flowers a bird sing;

I ask, “Is it evening or dawn?”

The mango-bird whistles, “‘Tis spring.”

Overpower’d with the beautiful sight,

Another full goblet I pour,

And would sing till the moon rises bright –

But soon I’m as drunk as before.

Li Po A.D. 705-762

From A Belvidere

With yellow leaves the hill is strown,

A young wife gazes o’er the scene,

The sky with grey clouds overthrown,

While autumn swoops upon the green.

See, Tartar troops mass on the plain;

Homeward our envoy hurries on;

When will her lord come back again?…..

To find her youth and beauty gone!

Li Po A.D. 705-762