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  1. Thank you, I started my blogs for my own mental health and have found them, and still do, a wonderful outlet. 😊

  2. Variety is a positive. I do like the bloggers who have specific subject blogs. Great go to blogs for required information needs. Variety is harder to realise. Your blogs of your art, poems and sport are a great balance. Other additional uploads are fun too. They keep us interested and on our toes. The aim for my own uploads, as I always stay true to, are simply for self cathartic reasons. One, ten, fifty or not one person can access them……and I am happy whatever. They help keep your mind at ease. You reflect on what’s written and think ‘Not doing too badly am I?’ Like Yourself accessing old blogs. It’s a great vibe. Cheers.

  3. This is my third blog, so I’m starting to add some posts that I used to have on my other blogs just to add some variety and I also I like them! Many thanks again for your comment 😊

  4. Oh! The LOTR had every single chess piece a different character. I was my own worst critic and saw it as an inadequate representation so it gradually got to having broken pieces or the survivors as little give away’s at craft shows.

  5. That’s impressive. The difficulty with WordPress sometimes is getting at source material whereby people do have information of explaining content initially. But going through very, very many backlog posts with long term bloggers means missing out on the full story. I usually go to the very first blog of new contacts to find initial reason for someone having a blog site interest. As you know. Blogs are subject fluid and develop after weeks, months and years into different avenues. Good fortune for your own future blogs in 2023. All the best.

  6. Glad you like, these are all my own images which I have created with Lego as the inspiration.

    Your pottery LOTR chess set sounds absolutely amazing! 😊

  7. Still trying to work out where the images originate. From yourself with Lego influence? Or a platform to show love of character presentations. Either way, they are great. I love the tiny figures of, say, Nightmare Before Christmas, Johnny Depp’s slant of Jack Sparrow, Grindelwald, Mad Hatter, etc. and Lord of the Rings characters. I made a pottery chess set once of different characters from LOTR. Had leather handmade boards of 3 to 4 feet square made for my own pottery mythical rune and traveller characters made into chess sets too. Long gone now. These images are smile bringers. Cheers.

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