Then It Happened

5th October 1976

It was Tuesday the 5th October 1976 and Albion were riding high in Division 3. They had a useful side at the time and were on the rise and only three years away from making it to the old Division 1.

The attendance for the match was 14,204 which was not bad considering the wet conditions,

The first half was dull and ended 0-0, it was a dire performance from both sides and the atmosphere was very down.  People were starting to leave, they had obviously had enough, were wet and bored, so called it a night. Estimates at the time were that about 4000 left because the east terrace became very empty and there seemed to be loads of room as the second half began.

Then it happened

In the 56th minute, Brighton scored! They then scored 6 more in the next 28 minutes winning 7-0.

The scorers in the game were Peter Ward who scored four, and Ian Mellor who scored three. The Brighton side were Peter Grummitt; Ken Tiler; Harry Wilson; Brian Horton; Andy Rollings; Graham Cross; Gerry Fell; Peter Ward; Ian Mellor; Steve Piper; Peter O’Sullivan; Dennis Burnett (sub).

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