Vic Channon

Vic Channon

One of the finest local amateurs of the inter-war period, Vic Channon enjoyed an illustrious career in Sussex senior football.

His triumphs make impressive reading:

R.U.R. Cup winners (Vernon Athletic 1921-22)

Senior Cup finalists (Shoreham 1924-25)

R.U.R. Cup winners (Horsham 1930-31)

County League champions (Horsham 1931-32)

R.U.R. Cup winners (Horsham 1931-32)

County League champions (Horsham 1932-33)

R.U.R. Cup finalists (Horsham 1932-33)

Vic assisted the Albion in the early 1920s and made his two first- team appearances in consecutive games in April 1922 when Zach March was injured. Rejoicing in the nickname ‘Cuckoo’, he also won his county colours and had a spell with Tunbridge Wells Rangers in the Southern League.

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