Walter “Tich” Cornford

Walter Cornford Sussex CCC
Walter “Tich” Cornford

Walter “Tich” Cornford was a right-hand batsman and wicket-keeper who played 484 matches between 1921 and 1947. He played 4 Test Matches for England against New Zealand on the 1929-30 tour.

He scored 6,430 runs at an average of 15.06 and held 651 catches with 334 stumpings and was one of the smallest wicket-keepers to play first-class cricket being very little over 5ft. He stood up to the wicket when keeping to the bowling of Maurice Tate and Arthur Gilligan. One of his happiest memories was the 1929 match against Surrey at Hastings. He stumped Jack Hobbs down the leg-side in both innings, as well as taking five catches.

In an emergency he played one match after the war in 1947 against Essex at Brentwood when he was coach at Brighton College.

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  1. I would have thought as a wicketkeeper it would be a disadvantage but obviously not!

    Many thanks again for your comment 😊

  2. One of the best footballers I played with was small. Tiny against us 11 year olds. I spoke to his Mum a few decades ago, he had an unusual surname so I asked if related. She said he’d gone over to Australia. Coaching and football became his life. I asked if he had stayed smaller in build. Indeed he had. I reckon height is an advantage at times. Messi? Maradona? Cricketers though! More nimble? Cheers.

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