6 thoughts on “With A Vroom

  1. I was training in Coventry in Sign Language. I wanted to focus on supporting Deaf students in further and higher education. The course was a Communication Support Worker with Deaf People qualification, but they thought to set it up in Birmingham. I needed a car that was great on petrol consumption. My Ban gave £100 towards a car and I bought Snoopy for £90. I actually was lucky because the course ended up in Coventry. I gave my Mum and Dad it and they absolutely loved it too. Used to whip around with no problems at all. Your daughter has great taste in iconic vintage items. I liked the blue colour too. Only blue car I’ve ever owned though. Went to Italy a fair few years back. They’re still on the roads there! Cheers.

  2. That’s amazing to have had one! My daughter and I did the build together and we were saying what a cool car it was. Also I love the colour, it makes look like a super happy little car. 😊

  3. I had this car for real back in the 1980s. Same colour too. You could take the seats out for more room inside. Took holidays in it, with my wife and the two children, and everything packed under the bonnet for two weeks in Wales. All packed, not in Tardis fashion, but like an Altoid survival tin. Climbing those steep Welsh hills in low gear though! Didn’t know they did ‘Snoopy’ in Lego. Snoopy was our name for the little beauty. I’m going to try and get this. My kids, all grown up in their 30s, will love this. Cheers.

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